Historic Antique Firearms

Join us for two unique presentations by guest speaker Frank Graves, expert on Percussion Firearms, a member of the invitation-only American Society of Arms Collectors, and a 50 year student of the earliest Colt revolvers. July 10th Session 1 (1pm): The Rifle Patent of E. A. F. Toepperwein of BoerneSession 2 (2pm): Rifles and PistolsContinue reading “Historic Antique Firearms”

Beautiful Quilts on our Walls

Today was so great! We had many beautiful and amazing quilts hanging on our walls, thanks to the Cibolo Creek Quilters Guild. They had lovely volunteers out showcasing their skills and knowledge. Don’t worry if you missed this day. This coming March 27th (12-3pm) we will be set up again for our quilting event. HopeContinue reading “Beautiful Quilts on our Walls”