The Ebensberger Mortuary Exhibit

Did you know that the Ebensberger (now Ebensberger-Fisher) Funeral Home is the oldest, continuous business in Boerne? Our display (graciously donated by the Ebensberger family) is currently being revamped. In the meantime here’s some interesting facts on the history of funeral homes and the role of the mortician.

  • Until the mid-1800s, families took care of their own deceased and held private funerals within the family home, typically in the parlor.
  • The creation of the embalming process was a direct result of the tremendous loss of lives during the Civil War and the need to return the fallen to their families, often hundreds of miles away.
  • In the early days the mortician’s equipment had to be easily transportable, since often the embalming process and other preparation processes were performed in the home of the deceased. (See Ebensberger’s bag)
  • Many of the tools used by a Mortician are medical tools (scalpels, syringes, and trocars) but also have specially designed tools for the trade (needle injectors or “mouth closers” and screw in “buttons” to plug small holes or punctures in the body).
  • Nowadays the funeral home business has expanded to involve the services of the medical, floral, cosmetic, manufacturing, and even automotive industries, to mention a few.

We still have a few spots open for our ghost storytelling event occurring Oct. 10, Oct. 24, and Nov. 14. Call/text 210-275-8301 or message us here to reserve your spot! The kitchen and Graham building will be open for tours 12 to 3 pm on these days as well.

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